Build Confidence, Focus, Discipline and Co-ordination and have a load of fun!

This program is still geared for fun with a focus on building stronger martial arts basics, self-defense strategies, and physical skills. Some real talent starts to emerge in this age group as focus, strength, and concentration improves. Each class covers not just Martial Arts but important safety messages and life skills training. In this vibrant, high energy environment with a new curriculum each week, its possible for any child to become a Black Belt.

Learn from World Class Martial Arts Instructors specifically trained to work with your child

Our Angels Program is based on, a great curriculum, highly engaging teachers, motivating drills, and world-class teaching strategies. In all classes, safety comes first whilst keeping the class environment lively and designed to meet every child’s physical, mental, and emotional needs. Because every child is a unique little human we teach your child as an individual who has his/her own personality and learning style.